How To Adopt

Adoptions are strictly limited to a 4 hour radius of our location, as determined by GPS address to address.

If you are interested in adopting, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. You must email to schedule an appointment to meet and ride the horse that you are interested in adopting. We encourage adopters to take their time, as the interaction is an opportunity to observe the compatibility of both horse and rider. Please be certain you are committed to your appointment time, and are seriously interested in the horse you wish to meet.

  2. Please go over our barn rules to ensure you are prepared for your appointment.

  3. If the adopter and the horse are compatible, an Adoption Application must be completed and a deposit of 1/3 the adoption fee must be made. Applications will not be accepted if the adopter has not been evaluated with the horse, or if the prospective adopter was not found suitable for the horse.

  4. Once the Adoption Application has been received, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue will contact the references provided and will schedule a visit to the facility where the horse will be kept. It is acceptable for an adopted horse to be boarded, providing the facilities and care are adequate.

  5. A copy of the Adoption Agreement will be given to the Adoptive family to review. The terms of Adoption are explored in detail in this Agreement.

  6. The Board of Directors will meet to determine the home most suitable for the needs of each individual horse and rider. We regret that we cannot reserve a horse for visitation, and all applications for adoption will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

  7. Upon a final decision, the Adoption Agreement must be signed by both parties, and the Adoption Fee balance must be paid in full. Adoption Fees are non-refundable and facilitate the rescue and rehabilitation of future horses from slaughter. Adoption fees will not be returned, even in the event the horse is returned to Gentle Giants for re-adoption.

It is the goal of Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue to successfully place each horse in a loving long term home.

Things to consider before adoption:

  • We are committed to making the best possible match between horse and rider. We represent our horses as accurately as possible by our experience with them, but as experienced handlers, we are often able to easily handle a behavior that an adopter may not.
  • Adopters need to realize that no single horse is ever perfect, and it is the responsibility of the Adopter to determine if the horse is appropriate for their ability and experience. We do stand behind our horses, but cannot foresee all future circumstances.
  • We expect Adoptive families to have weighed the decision to adopt heavily, that they are fully aware of the unforeseen expenses potential with horse ownership, and that they are committed to the horse of their choice. If you run into a problem with your new horse, we expect that you will pursue any and all options to continue to provide the horse with a good home, including training for the horse, or yourself, to overcome a problem.
  • All adopted horses must be returned to the care of Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue if, for any reason, the adopter is unable or unwilling to keep the horse. No adopted horse may be sold, loaned, leased, traded, given away, auctioned, or transferred to a third party.

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